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The Comunity for Braille Note Users

Braille Note Users
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Hi there. Welcome to the Braille Note Users comunity. The BrailleNote is a personal data assistant for the blind made by the Humanware group. It provides access to documents, books, E-mail and websites, while providing productivity features like a calendar, contact manager, scientific calculator and stopwatch. Whether you're a current, former, or prospective user, this is your place to chat about the fabulous and fascinating little machines we call Braille Notes. Talk about how much it's helped you, share interesting stories, or exchange websites for book or music downloads. And if anyone has any tech support questions or things like that, feel free to ask them and hopefully you'll get an answer. Any Voice Note, mPower or PK users out there? Well you're perfectly welcome too. Interested in other notetakers as well? Then the notetakersnich community may be right for you. It covers discussion of all the notetakers, and features the same great maintainers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me. Happy writing and thanks for joining. Kerri