Vivant comme nous-mêmes ("Living as ourselves") (chezames) wrote in braillenote,
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I am looking at buying a Braille Note or other notetaker, mainly for use as a braille display and input for the computer. I was wondering how much trouble is it to set the BN up as an input (sole input with BT keyboard, no computer QWERTY Keyboard) and output device, then to return it to a stand-alone device. Is it quick and easy or does it take some work? I won't be using voice, just the braille display.

Also, when using it as a braille display for the computer, how well does it work with MSN, Yahoo, and AIM?

TIA! And sorry if you've seen these questions (or similar) elsewhere, I'm asking everywhere I can because I can't seem to get straight forward answers - especially from Humanware *rolls eyes* I'm losing my vision fast and I need to make a decision on which one to get...I'm so confused!
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