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USB keyboards

well, after a bit of shlepping my bn back and forth from me to HW and back again,  I now have a working MPower, a working MPower with a working AC adapter jack! w00t!

I am deafblind and am planning on using the bt with a USB qwerty keyboard to ficilitate communication between me and a captioner.  I am post-lingually deaf, so I do speak, but I need people to type and then I read the text on the braille display.

I am going to be attending the ACB convention and would like to have a USB keyboard before I go.  My question is, what kind have you all tried, and what works the best?  Where can I buy it that won't break my bank?

I have seen the grandtech flexible keyboard advertised, and didn't know if it was as good as they say?

Thanks so much for any help.
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