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introduction and my BrailleNote story

My name is Kevin. I am visually impaired, and I have a little bit of sight in each eye. I am fourteen years old, and have been visually impaired basically since birth. My LiveJournal user name is


The BrailleNote MPower, currently version 7.5 build 29, from HumanWare, has greatly assisted me in my academic success. I also enjoy it because it is a very entertaining piece of technology. I began using the BrailleNote in August 2006, and have used one ever since. For one thing, its keyboard layout is one of the most logical I've ever seen, and much more so than the Braille Lite.

Many of the features I enjoy on the BrailleNote include the fm radio, media player, planner, address list, scientific calculator, planner, and its ability to record audio, either from an internal or external microphone or directly from the fm radio.

Since I feel I'm a BrailleNote expert, in my opinion, if anyone would appreciate any tips or tricks, I'd love to help. I have a question for the multilanguage BrailleNote users. How can I install Spanish or French languages on the BrailleNote? I might be needing one of the two for next year, when I'll be a freshman in high school.

Simply leave me a message in my inbox on my personal LJ at


or in my email address provided on my profile.
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